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We explore architecture, landscape architecture and design through a cross-fertilizing and artistic process.

Anna and Andreas met in London 2001. Andreas came from Vienna to join Will Alsop Architects in Battersea. Anna had been studying and working in London since the mid 90's. Their paths crossed through common friends all being part of a creative collective in East London. Since 2001 they have been developing a wide range of projects spanning from architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, public art and product design. They enjoy working in multidisciplinary teams and are currently part of two Stockholm based architecture, landscape and urban design studios.


Anna works as a landscape architect, product designer and artist within the public realm.

She is interested in our perception of the natural environment and our understanding of the built and how that relationship can be shaped to create enhanced experiences.

She is driven by the social potential of all kind of places and continous to develop methods for engaging the local community to strengthen the design process and the outcomes of the built environment. 


Andreas is an award winning Architect and Urban Designer who's work spans from residential housing, schools, retail buildings, industry and urban design.

He was born and studied in Vienna, Austria where he gained his first experiences in practice. There he learned to design the building and also keep construction site follow-up and the financial responsibility for the entire construction project. The whole thing, from planning to construction, thus ends up with the architect.

In 2000 he moved to London to work at Alsop Architects and Studio Egret West for ten years. The artistic and large-scale approach was among the great experiences he gathered during his time in England.

In 2010 he moved with his family to Stockholm and currently works at the architecture firm Warm in the Winter which is driven by high ambitions based on Agenda 2030.

Early in his construction career, he became interested in wooden constructions and the advantages of this diversified material. He thinks it is important to challenge building conventions, especially in connection with the major social and environmental challenges we are facing. Being responsible for the finances of a project also means not wasting resources. An important lesson when it comes to sustainable construction. Every single building part must be counted and it is important to find sustainable solutions that last a long time with as low emissions as possible.

Current projects include 

  • Förskolan Hoppet, Fossilfritt byggande, Göteborgs stad (2022)

  • Handelsbyggnad Lidl och Saluhall, Sigtuna stadsängar (2021)

  • NollCO2 Lidl butik Visby, Gotland (2020)

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