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The archipelago outside Stockholm consists of tens of thousands of islands, everyone of them unique in size, character and history. Besides the unparalleled natural spectacle of the archipelago - a feeling of a historic, archaic culture is prevalent everywhere.

The site lies on a hilltop of granite bedrock that suddenly drops twenty-five meters into the surrounding Baltic Sea. The proposed family house perches on the highest point of the plot with  360 degree views of the dramatic archipelago landscape.

The inspiration for the spatial organisation of the house is taken from the specific views of the surrounding landscape, aiming to frame the most iconic views in all directions.

The resulting oblong volumes are placed on the rocky cliff with an aim of minimizing the impact on the natural bedrock. The four volumes are therefore slightly shifing in height in relation to each other, gently landing on the massive rocky outcrop of the site.

The inspiration of the house also comes from the archaic past and the solid rocky topography itself. Simple forms in an energetic composition. Like runes or stone carvings the house reaches out to the history and geology of the site at the same time.

plan 01.jpg

The living spaces are organized around a single floor with slight height changes between the interlocking rectangular volumes.


Illustration: Yaroslava Korchagina

2023-03-08_Guldboda 01g.jpg

The site-specific views are determined and framed within the various openings of house's volumes.

2023-03-23_Guldboda 01.jpg
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